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Fruit Nutrient

OM HERBAL is glad to introduce “NUTRIENTS FOR THE PLANT” one of its first kind in India which is 100% herbal based and has no synthetic chemical, Urea and bone dust. This plant Nutrient acts as an excellent vegetable nutrient as well as a fruit nutrient and comes with many advantages when compared to other Synthetic/chemical fertilizers.
Nitrogen 5.09%
Phosphorous Pentoxide 2.23%
Potassium 0.70%

Advantages of our Product:

  • The fertility of the soil and the constant usage of this Nutrient will increase fertility of the soil in future; whereas using the synthetic/chemical based fertilizers depletes the fertility and excess usage of chemical fertilizers over the year will make the soil infertile and barren.
  • Our human body needs 108 types of vitamins and this vegetable Nutrient is providing our body the necessary vitamins (70-78%) which will make our body healthier and improve our immune system, as compared to other chemical fertilizers.                                                                       
  • The excess water which gets stored within the earth from the water which is used for the irrigation purpose is further used for drinking purpose. By the use of OM HERBAL nutrient, the quality of water is improved and is hygienic for drinking purpose, compared to the water which we get from the use of chemical fertilizer.             
  • In due course, the quantity of the chemical fertilizer has to be increased in every subsequent cultivation. With the use of OM Herbal nutrient the soil is enriched and the quantity required in every subsequent cultivation will be comparatively less, with consistent quality and quantity of produce, being a boon to the farmers.
  • One has to see to believe the wonderful result of the use or application of the plant nutrient in the soil. This nutrient not only improves both the quantity and the quality of the production of grains and vegetables but also acts as an excellent fruit nutrient improving the yield of quality fruits and flowers thus making the environment healthy and hygienic for our future generations.

We help to keep the environment healthy for a happy and a healthy tomorrow.

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