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Cattle Nutrient

Cattle Nutrient


We are proud to inform that we are the first company to introduce a 100% herbal based

Nutrient for the Cattle. Which comes with a benefit for your cattle

Key benefits 

  • De-worms the cow & Cures infection caused due to worms
  • Improves functionality of key organs of the cow i.e Heart, Liver & Kidney
  • Improves the appetite & Consumption of water
  • Restores the milk production of cow to its normal optimum capacity
  • Improves the quality and taste of milk
  • Develops higher reproductivity

Cattle feed

OM HERBAL is glad to introduce “NUTRIENTS FOR CATTLE FEED” one of its first kind in India which is 100% herbal based and has no synthetic chemical, Urea and bone dust. These cattle feed Nutrient come with many advantages compare to other Synthetic/chemical fertilizers.
Moisture 4.23 (g %)
Protein 21.0456 (g %)
Ash 8.6 (g %)
Calcium 150.0 (mg/100gm)
Iron 50.0 (mg/100gm)
Zinc 4.34 (mg/100gm)
Magnesium 477.00 (mg/100gm)
Copper 1.525 (mg/100gm)
Nicotinamide 84.190 (mg/100gm)
Vitamin A 29.608 (mg/100gm)
Fiber 5.62 (g %)

Advantages of our Product:

  • Balanced Vitamin Mineral cattle Feed Supplement
  • Improves Milk Production
  • Acts as a medicine for cattle and helps in increasing fertility.
  • Maintains cattle nutrition and good health of the cattle livestock.
Advantage of using our nutrient is seen in improving the quality, quantity, taste and thickness of the milk. It increases the cattle’s capacity of drinking water and feeding as per its requirement thus contributing immensely to overall cattle nutrition.
Our product has been successfully tested by Indian labs like Varun Herbals, Quality Control Lab and our product have also been approved and passed by Ayush Department, Hyderabad qualifying it as the best nutrient medicine for cattle available.

We help to keep the environment healthy for a happy and a healthy tomorrow.

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