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  • 16 Jun, 2012
  • OM HERBAL is a manufacturing Company that has been in operation since year 2011. The company is in distribution of Nutrients.
  • 15 May, 2012
  • OM HERBAL is a manufacturing Company that has been in operation since year 2011. The company is in distribution of Nutrients.
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    OM HERBALS-Pioneer Among Herbal Fertilizer Companies

    OM HERBALS is a manufacturing Company that has been in operation since the year 2011. The company is in Research and Manufacturing of Herbal Nutrients, successfully tested and approved by renowned National and International laboratories as pure herbal products. Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium are main nutrients for plants that benefit root, leaves, and flowers respectively. Likes of Zink, Manganese, Iron, Copper are some other micro elements required by the plants for different purposes. The soil itself can supply these nutrients in small quantity that cannot fulfill requirements of the plants. Hence, the plants require an additional input of these elements for healthy growth. Our products are natural supplements that provide required additional input.

    Unlike other fertilizer companies, producing chemical fertilizers, our natural herbal products create a healthy environmental effect and are successfully tested for their positive impacts on soil fertility. We also produce Herbal feed for animals. The products are classified under the labels of:

    A. Flowers
    B. Grains
    C. Fruits and Vegetables
    D. Cattle Feed Nutrient

    We are pioneers in India producing 100% herbal fertilizers and Nutrients. Our products do not contain any chemicals in their compositions. These products are not only popular in India but also in the overseas markets. Everybody knows the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers on the soil and on the environment at large. Thus, the entire world is moving towards organic products.

    There are several benefits of organic farming and awareness about the same is growing among people. Organic products fetch much more price to the farmers. However, the low yield is a major problem for organic farmers. We have conducted researches for several years and brought a solution for the problem. Our plant nutrients help in increasing yield of food grains, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. We have introduced different nutrients for different types of cultivation. Our products, combined with traditional organic manures, have produced wonderful results even in the Thar desert.

    OM HERBALS believe in keeping both human body and our natural surroundings healthy. Our herbal Nutrients improve the quality of agricultural products likes of grains, fruits, vegetable, and flowers significantly. These nutrients also increase the yield of products. These help plants and trees in developing vitamins in the agricultural products. And we know that how vital are the vitamins for the human body. Our products help the cultivators by improving quality and increasing Quantity of their agricultural products. This results in enormous economic and financial benefits.

    Besides the benefits to the users (Farmers/Cultivators), these nutrients have other hidden advantages and benefits. The products help in regenerating useful microbes in the land and increase soil fertility, thus making the environment healthy and hygienic for living. These also provide necessary vitamins that help a human body to stay healthy and strong.

    OM HERBALS operate from their production center and Head office in Secunderabad in Telangana, India. We market and sell our products through various channels across the country. We also export our products to several foreign countries including the US and the UK. We believe in satisfying our customers thus building long-term client relationships and solicit strategic partnerships in distribution.

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